Buz Doc strives to provide patients with reliable online health care services on demand as we connect them to an effective doctor straightaway. The patient can schedule a practice, get in touch with the right doctor and be treated with a premium health care service from the best in the medical sector.

Once the patient has downloaded the app, all health care services are availed and the app can be used for free. After this, the patient can navigate through the app and check the services to book an appointment to see a doctor in real time.

At the time of doctor registration, the medico is required to mention the true nature of their certifications. Only the doctors who are accredited with a specific board and registered to an authority can be associated with Buz Doc as an online practitioner.

As soon as a patient makes a successful booking and schedules an appointment with a doctor, an email is instantly sent to the registered email address. Apart from this once assigned, the doctor will call or text you on an elected phone number to confirm the appointment.

Buz Doc approves and schedules appointments instantaneously on the go whenever a patient books a doctor. After choosing a service and getting assigned to a doctor, Buz Doc does not allow you to cancel an appointment as we too are subjected to certain policies. However, the patient can directly contact the particular doctor and request them to cancel the appointment.

There is no singular cost for an appointment. Some services may cost more and some services, less. The cost of a check-up or appointment will differ from service to service and that too will be estimated by your doctor who will charge you accordingly on the basis of your medical needs.

Although Buz Doc is free for everyone, a profile registration is mandatory to ensure that every connected patient is real and the booked appointment is 100% genuine. Also sometimes if you are not a registered member, certain doctors may not accept the appointment request and all services may not be available to use.

In some dire situations, certain doctors may cancel an appointment only if needed. When this happens, the doctor will notify the patient and if possible, reschedule the appointment. Once the doctor has invoked the appointment cancellation request, an email will be sent to the patient notifying him for the same.

• Buz Doc is an online portal that allows a patient to explore leading health care doctors in the area and promises appointment booking, pronto.