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About BuzDoc

Millions of patients use the BuzDoc website and app every month to look for a new provider by selecting their insurance plan, visit reason and location.

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  • Get new patients

    Most BuzDoc providers received between 26 and 119 new patient bookings in 2017.

  • Fill last minute openings

    Almost half of BuzDoc appointments occur with in 72 hours of booking.

  • Strengthen your reputation

    Get verified reviews from real patients. After just one year, the average provider has 40 ratings.

  • Diversify your payor mix

    65% of BuzDoc bookings are from commercially insured or cash-pay patients.

Advance Features

BuzDoc team Providers thrive with BuzDoc

BuzDoc team

Paramjit “Romi” Chopra, MD

Physician, Chicago

“Dr. Chopra’s philosophy is to provide cutting-edge healthcare that is most commonly found in the university setting and deliver it to the communities we reside in.”

BuzDoc team

Eric J Dippel, M.D.

Comprehensive Vascular Medicine

“Eric J. Dippel, M.D. is a cardiovascular and peripheral vascular interventionist who specializes in comprehensive Vascular Medicine.”

BuzDoc team

Chool Liyanapatabendi, MD

Internal Medicine

“Dr. Chool Liyanapatabendi specializes in Internal Medicine and is part of AMITA Health's extensive provider network, which includes more than 7,000 affiliated providers.”

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