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Buz Doc holds patients at the highest regard and handles matters of security with care. Our privacy policy is a detailed depiction and provides an insight to how we manage information. In case you have any questions, you can contact us at To know more about our privacy conducts, have a look at our entire privacy policy. Thank you for opting Buz Doc.

Last Updated: 13 March, 2019

The team at Buz Doc believes that the consideration of the privacy of the patient is the foremost concern. Patient's personal information for identity justification will only be disclosed when the patient books an appointment with a specific doctor for a particular practice service to avail an appropriate treatment. In certain situations, non party service providers may demand information to deliver services as regulations are subjected.

1. The Main Purpose of the Policy:

We hold your privacy in the highest regard and understand how important it is to you. Our documented privacy policy has specially been fabricated to make it simpler for you so that you can comprehend why personal information management is necessary, why we assemble details, the data we decide to disclose and the rights we provide you for personal information handling.

Cookies: “Cookies” are small pieces of information (text files) that a website sends to your computer’s hard drive while you are viewing the website. These text files can be used by websites to make the user's experience more efficient. The law states that we can store these cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for the operation of this site. For all other types of cookies we need your permission. To that end, this site uses different types of cookies. Some cookies are placed by third party services that appear on our pages.

We commit ourselves to safeguard your personal information and utilize multiple outcomes to assure that your privy details conform to the regulations and laws. Our privacy policy may tend to be modified with time without notifying you so a regular survey should be carried out by you to stay updated.

2. The Common Data That We Collect From Both the Parties

As an accredited company, we have rules and regulations to adhere to just like every other organization. It is essential for Buz Doc to maintain its integrity and ensure a streamlined environment with your cooperation. For appointment booking vying patients as well as our registered doctors, we promptly assemble certain information for better service provision.

Buz Doc Account Information: The verified e-mail address and an approved password.

Contact Details: At the time of booking an appointment in case you have not already then it is mandatory to register with your name, phone number and e-mail address. (Only required for the doctor) Upload your most recent picture to gain trust and have a more reputable image.

Service Provision Information: (Only required for the doctor) List your qualifications, certifications, designated service specialization and more.

Verification Details: A secure digital Buz Doc pin.

Usage Information: Buz Doc keeps a tab on the ongoing activities on the site as well as records the necessary details for future references. Certain extra details such as an active IP address as well as device information may be recorded to control on-site actions.

3. Information Preservation :

For every doctor appointment, Buz Doc is constrained for certain information provision such as your name, contact number, health details and a valid username as well as password.

Buz Doc records and makes a list of all past appointments along with doctor's information for future references and ensures that these records are private to the public eye.

With the help of cookies, Buz Doc stores definite information to guarantee simpler appointment booking practices.

4. Data Disclosure

Buz Doc ensures to not disclose data to any third party outsider other than registered doctors who have been booked for an appointment by you. Other than secure servers to carry communal exchanges, we also hold the right to disclose impersonal traceable details regarding past bookings and future appointments. In case you have posted a review for a specific doctor, Buz Doc retains the right to post the review on its online portal. Finally, Buz Doc holds no responsibility if ever law enforcement officials expose your information.

4.1 Data Disclosure to Our Service Providers: Buz Doc may team up with certain doctors to provide better medical services. Our registered doctors will be provided some access to your personal information but only to the degree till the services are executed satisfactorily. Once you have booked an appointment with an associated doctor, the doctor will send out an appointment confirmation message from our end.

4.2 Data Disclosure to Third Parties: Only to improve our services or make necessary upgrades to the site, we may disclose certain non-identifiable data to these third parties.

5. Where Do We Use Your Information

Buz Doc amasses traceable information that can communally identify frequent practices and scout desirable choices. We may only use your personal details to send notifications, dispatch promotional mails and aid booking facilities.

5.1 Evidential Confirmation: Once you have initiated an appointment activity, we ask you to provide a security pin to verify identity and confirm the booking.

5.2 Service Endowments: As every other company, we are liable to use your information for service provision and other endowments such as customer support for assistance of any kind.

5.3 Maintenance Management: Our services are upgraded time and again for which we need usage data to manage our services and make improvements where needed. Regular monitoring will help us cancel out illegal activities and advance our Terms of Use.

5.4 Contact for Service/Account Info: We may contact you for appointment confirmations, transactional exchanges and regular website updates. As we hold these details in high regard for service provision, you cannot renounce communication.

5.5 Marketing Intended Communication: Our promotional activities are strongly intended for marketing purposes and you can opt out of this service anytime you desire.

6. Security of Personal Information:

Buz Doc uses Firewalls and Secure Socket Layer transactions to safeguard data transmissions as well as protected infrastructure to hoard the data records. However, in case of a third party breach, Buz Doc may fail to provide protection against data violations.

7. Cookies

We use cookies to store fragments of information used by you to navigate through our website. Cookies allow us to understand patterns of the frequent users, verify patient's identities, decipher daily user needs and understand if what they require is available for future reference or not. The cookies expire after the timeframe that they were assigned to initially.

8. Complaints and Disputes

If you have any issue regarding the way we manage your personal information, you can register a complaint by phone and send us a detailed draft in writing by e-mail. We will ensure to solve the problem immediately.

9. Changes to Our Privacy Policy

With newer developments, we may change or update our privacy policy if we feel the need to. In case this ever happens, we will immediately notify you about the same by issuing the latest policy version on the website.

If it comes to our notice that certain changes may impose an influence on your account, then we will post you an e-mail. If any of the terms in our privacy policy are not acceptable to you, you may terminate your account whenever you wish to.