Terms of use

The Terms of Use are based on the services you opt for and the health care benefits you choose at Buz Doc. You are subject to our terms if you wish to access our various service provisions and for this reason, we suggest you to go through the terms mindfully. If you do not agree to confer to our terms then you must stop using all of our services.

Our terms apply to every person associated with our services regardless if you are doctor treating the issues of your patients or a person looking to book an appointment with any doctor. Our website/app is free to use as we believe in genuineness and mutual cooperation.

1. Our Services

We ensure that every person who demands our service earns their rightful place and gets what they are looking for. For this very reason, Buz Doc avails certain services to the doctor and other services for every patient seeking health care support.

1.1 Services for Doctors

If you are a Doctor, our services aid you to become an associated Buz Doc practitioner. The first step would be to register and list your practice on our site.

Once you are a registered doctor, you are allowed to create a strong profile, acquire new patients, access patients' details, receive appointments and accept online payments done by the patients registered with Buz Doc.

1.2 Services for Patients

If you are a Patient, our services aid you to become an associated Buz Doc patient. The first step for a patient is to register on our site.

Once you are a verified patient, you are allowed to request for an appointment with a doctor you like and reschedule bookings all the while being subject to certain conditions such as the availability of the Doctor.

2. Our User Requirements

Like every company, we are subject to ensure our users meet certain requirements fulfilling the criteria set by various regulatory systems.

2.2 Services for Patients

If you are a Patient, you must register with us online and create a verified Buz Doc identity to avail all health care services. At the time of account creation, there are certain conditions that are applicable:

Only provide genuine and 100% authentic information at the time of registration.

Opt for a secure pin number.

A single account suffices for all health care services.

The user should be above 18 years of age.

3. Subject-to-Use Policy

The subject-to-use policy demands you to agree to certain conditions.

The Buz Doc account should in no way be used to copy another person's identity, carry out illegal activities or harass another user online.

Incautious usage of services in any way will pose ill effects on any of our doctors or patients and in no way should deter the execution of the services.

If you are a doctor, you have to directly contact the patient well ahead of time in any case you decide to cancel the appointment. Also, if this pursues often then your account will be terminated and you will no longer be an active Buz Doc practitioner. However, before this happens we send you a prior notice highlighting the reasons and provide another chance at redemption i.e. if required.

If you are a patient, at the time of booking an appointment with a doctor; the objective of the appointment as well as the purpose of your presence should be genuine. Also, if you fail to show up multiple times for any appointment without providing any prior notice, we may terminate your account.

4. Liability Confinement and Disclaimers

The agreement demands genuine services all the while protecting private medical records and previous data; we ensure that our services do not have attached warranties or implicit promises that stray away from our policy. Our services come as they are and we do not guarantee that they will not have issues or be completely free of errors.

In case of any consequential damages, incidental injuries and loss of data or profits, you agree to not deem us liable for service assertions. If you state there is a breach of privacy or matter of negligence from our part, you agree that we will not be liable to any untrue accusations and will only consider the claims true after we research into the matter.

As per the above terms, if any liability accidentally eliminates any promised warranty; our liable confinement will extend to the conditions imposed by the fortuitous law and will not be elucidated unless it mitigates the authorized legalities which have emerged by probity or the breach of the promised law where it will be considered as an illegal regulation.

5. Restitution

In case of any damages, you charge us, our officers, our attorneys, associated employees or third party practitioners i.e. if any of the people associated with us are indemnified for any personal loss or expense incurred by you directly or indirectly, you have to bear the facilitated consequences.

If you or any other representative figures breach any of the liable terms or warranties issued by us, you will be held accountable for restitution.

If you infringe any of the rights or evade intellectual property privileges of any third party occasioned on the basis of any data, reports or information provided to us regarding our health care services, you will be held accountable for restitution.

If you violate the law or transgress any decree, you will be held accountable for restitution.

If you instate any legal trial procedures or threaten lawful proceedings against us on account of a third party due to the above mentioned ordeals, you will be held accountable for restitution.

6. Terms and Termination

We hold the complete right to suspend or terminate your Buz Doc account if we find out that you have breached our mentioned terms and formulated regulations.

Whenever our services undergo extensive beta testing methods, we may terminate your account at any given point of time without providing any prior notice to you.

In any case if you are not pleased with our services and desire to terminate your Buz Doc account, you are free to shut down the account at any given point of time by requesting us to terminate it.

7. Confidential Matters

Our Privacy Policy located at http://buzdoc.com/privacy.html is subject for use and is pertinent to Buz Doc's health care services. You pledge that you will comply with all applicable data privacy rules and government ensued confidentiality laws in relation to your submission of any personal information to our health care services.

8. General Terms

8.1 Entire Terms of Use Agreement

Our Terms of Use as well as other user policies are available on buzdoc.com. The policies created to supplant all foregoing agreement effigies, dispositions or treaties between all the parties are associated with the matter and are subject to these terms. The entire Terms of Use agreement is established between every associated Buz Doc party.

8.2 Important Notices

If you are a registered Buz Doc user, we may send you general notices and important updates to your listed email address on a timely basis.

8.3 Amended Advancements

The Terms of Use may be amended by us at any point of time without any prior notice. The new amendments will be effective from the day they are posted live on our online portals. Once you have agreed to carry on with using the services and accessing our health care availabilities after the effective date of our amended advancements, you are bound to our health care services.

8.4 Internet Protocol (IP)

If you have agreed to use our health care services for personal usage or for promotional purposes, you grant us a permanent, gratuitous, worldwide accessible license that can be used for any content submission and work tractability issued by you.

8.5 Government Laws

The Terms of Use sanctioned by our Government are issued by the State of America. All the parties associated with Buz Doc eternally abide to the exclusive authority of all the courts situated in America.

8.6 Responsible Obligations

Constrained to certain obligations, we may assign our rights or reinvent our previously devised obligations that fall under any of the categories in our Terms of Use. In case you wish to assign our rights or reinvent our previously devised obligations that fall under any of the categories in our Terms of Use, you will have to take a prior written consent from our end.

8.7 Provisional Exemptions, Compensations and Violation Severities

Every provision or right issued by us that fall under our Terms of Use will in most cases not be renounced, provided the exception the party associated with the company or bound by a waiver submits a written signature for provisional exemption. As an obligation to adhere to the Terms of Use, no party from any authority, power or medicament can put forth a solitary exercise or biased practice that will in future overture any other authority, power or medicament. The authorities, powers or medicaments associated with our Terms of Use are summative and not exclusive of any authorities, powers or medicaments associated independently of this Agreement. If any provision of our Terms of Use is judged fallacious or inoperative for any reason whatsoever by a court of competent legislation, such fallaciousness or inoperativeness will not affect the operation or interpretation of any other provision of our Terms of Use to the intent that the fallacious or inoperative provision will be treated as severed from these Terms of Use. If you have any doubts or questions regarding our terms of use, you can contact us at 0847 401 7475 or email your query at info@buzdoc.com.